iNFOTECT is a pioneer in providing information leakage protection and malware
containment solutions for Internet-facing web servers. Our solutions effectively
protect against leakages of personal, medical and financial records, server configuration
information as well as intellectual properties. Our solutions also detect malicious
or compromised content in public web sites and prevent it from being spread
to unknowing site visitors.

Web servers are accessible to the public 24 x 7, hence they have the greatest exposure
to information leakage and are most susceptible to being used for malware
attacks. Currently, existing web security solutions are not effective in protecting
against such risks.

iNFOTECT has stayed ahead of the curve in product innovation and continues to
enhance overall web server security for our clients by preventing accidental or deliberate
information leaks and malware propagation via their web servers.
We capitalize on our patented technologies to help our clients protect their brand
and reputation, and avoid regulatory penalties and customer backlash that can
arise from information leakage and malware propagation, thereby preserving their
corporate image and competitive advantages.